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Embarking on a journey of inner harmony and energetic rejuvenation, Chad and Cheryl invite you to a unique group healing experience designed to transform and elevate your spirit. This distinctive session merges the ancient art of lightwork healing with the primal power of live drumming, crafting an ambiance where energy and rhythm dance in unison, aligning your chakras and refreshing your soul.

Chakra Harmonies: A Symphony of Healing

At the heart of this gathering is the collaboration between Cheryl, a seasoned lightwork healer with a deep understanding of energy dynamics, and Chad, a masterful drummer whose beats resonate with the very pulse of the earth. Together, they curate an environment where sound and light converge, creating a potent field for energy clearing and emotional release.

The Healing Power of Lightwork and Drumming

Lightwork healing is an age-old practice that involves channeling universal energy to support healing, balance, and well-being. Cheryl’s expertise in this domain ensures that participants are gently guided through energetic cleansing, with each chakra receiving focused attention. As Chad’s drums echo through the space, their vibrations act as a catalyst for this energy work, helping dissolve blockages and stimulating the free flow of life force throughout the body.

Journey Through the Chakras

The event is structured around exploring the seven main chakras, each associated with specific aspects of our physical, emotional, and spiritual health. From the grounding energy of the root chakra to the divine connection offered by the crown chakra, attendees will experience a sequential awakening and harmonizing of these energy centers. Chad’s drumming, tailored to resonate with the frequencies of each chakra, complements Cheryl’s energy work, facilitating a deeper connection and healing.

A Space for All

This healing session is crafted to welcome individuals at all stages of their spiritual journey. Whether you are just beginning to explore the realms of energy healing or have been walking this path for years, the fusion of lightwork and live drumming offers a fresh and impactful experience. The drumbeats, serving as a heartbeat, remind us of our connection to the earth and each other, while the energy work fosters a sense of clarity, balance, and renewed purpose.

Experience Transformation and Unity

As you step into this sacred circle of healing, allow yourself to be carried by the rhythmic waves of the drum and the gentle ebb and flow of energetic healing. This experience is not just about the individual but about coming together as a community to support, heal, and uplift each other. It’s an invitation to release what no longer serves you, to embrace your inner light, and to resonate with the harmonious frequencies of the universe.

Join Us in This Healing Odyssey

Mark your calendars for May 10th, 2024, at 6:30 pm, and prepare to be part of this transformative experience. Hosted by “Be The Change Be The Light,” this event promises an evening of healing and a profound journey into the depths of your being, promising clarity, peace, and a renewed sense of purpose. Don’t miss this opportunity to align your chakras, clear energetic blockages, and embrace the harmonious flow of life. Join Chad and Cheryl in this mesmerizing symphony of chakra harmonies, and be part of a collective journey towards light, love, and unity.