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Welcome to Be the Change, The Healing Collective

At Be the Change, The Healing Collective, our mission is to empower individuals to embrace positive transformation, reclaim their inner power, and live a life filled with balance and well-being. Step into our nurturing sanctuary, where healing begins and connections flourish.


After 20 years as a dedicated massage therapist, facilitating the healing journeys of countless individuals, I experienced a life-altering near-death experience that awakened within me a profound ability to perceive the unseen. Guided by this extraordinary gift, my soul purpose is to guide others on their path towards their highest and best timeline. As a lightworker and energy healer, I am driven by a deep calling to illuminate the path of transformation, helping individuals unlock their true potential and embrace their divine purpose. Empowered by the wisdom gained through my own transcendent journey, I am committed to facilitating healing, offering insights, and empowering others to step into their authentic selves, radiating their unique light into the world. It is my heartfelt mission to create a ripple effect of love and awakening, leaving a lasting impact on the lives I touch and contributing to the evolution of collective consciousness.

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