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As the sun reaches its zenith on the Summer Solstice, it heralds a moment of profound energy and transformation. This celestial event marks a powerful time to reflect on the past six months and set intentions for the months ahead. Join Kenya, a gifted massage therapist and spiritual intuitive, for a transformative 90-minute session designed to realign your intentions and energies at the peak of the Summer Solstice. This unique half-year check-in will guide you through reflection, recalibration, and renewal, ensuring you step into the second half of the year with clarity and purpose.

Embracing the Energy of the Solstice

The Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year, has been celebrated for centuries as a time of abundance, light, and growth. This day symbolizes a peak in solar energy, providing the perfect backdrop for introspection and intention setting. By harnessing the power of the solstice, you can amplify your intentions and align your actions with your highest aspirations.

A 90-Minute Transformative Experience

Kenya’s 90-minute session is designed to be a deeply immersive and holistic experience. The session incorporates guided meditation, intuitive insights, and personalized intention-setting exercises, all aimed at helping you reconnect with your inner self and realign your path.

Guided Meditation

The session begins with a guided meditation, allowing you to ground yourself and become fully present. This meditation will help you clear your mind of distractions and open your heart to receive intuitive guidance. As you settle into a state of relaxation, Kenya will lead you through visualizations that connect you with the solstice energy, fostering a sense of peace and clarity.

Intuitive Insights

With her profound intuitive abilities, Kenya will provide personalized insights that resonate with your unique journey. These insights will shed light on any blockages or areas that need attention, offering you a deeper understanding of your current state. Kenya’s compassionate and insightful approach ensures that you feel supported and guided throughout the process.

Personalized Intention-Setting Exercises

The heart of the session lies in the intention-setting exercises. Kenya will guide you through a series of exercises designed to help you articulate and refine your intentions for the remainder of the year. By setting clear and powerful intentions, you create a roadmap that aligns your actions with your deepest desires. These exercises are personalized to ensure they resonate with your individual goals and aspirations.

The Power of Intention Setting

Setting intentions is a powerful practice that helps you focus your energy and manifest your desires. Unlike resolutions, which often come from a place of lack or criticism, intentions are rooted in a positive and proactive mindset. They serve as a guiding star, helping you navigate the challenges and opportunities that arise. By setting intentions during the Summer Solstice, you harness the potent energy of this time, amplifying your ability to manifest your dreams.

Reflect, Recalibrate, and Renew

The half-year check-in is an opportunity to pause and reflect on the year’s first six months. It’s a time to celebrate your achievements, acknowledge your growth, and identify any areas that need recalibration. This reflective practice is essential for personal growth and ensures you move forward with intention and purpose.

Reconnect with Your Inner Self

In our fast-paced world, losing touch with our inner selves is easy. This session provides a sacred space to reconnect with your inner wisdom and align your actions with your highest self. You’ll gain clarity on your path through guided meditation and intuitive insights and feel empowered to take inspired action.

Step into the Second Half of the Year with Clarity and Purpose

As you conclude the 90-minute session, you’ll feel renewed clarity and purpose. The insights gained and the intentions set will be a robust foundation for the months ahead. Embrace the energy of the solstice and step into the second half of the year with confidence, knowing that you are aligned with your highest aspirations.


The Summer Solstice is a time of transformation and renewal, and Kenya’s 90-minute session offers the perfect opportunity to realign your intentions and energies. Join us at Be The Change Be The Light for this soulful half-year check-in and embrace the second half of the year with clarity, purpose, and spiritual harmony. It’s time to check in with your soul and ignite your path forward.