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In the heart of transformation and spiritual awakening, “Be The Change Be The Light” presents an unparalleled event designed to elevate your spirit and align your energy – The Ascension Gathering. This extraordinary evening is dedicated to those on a path of personal growth and collective enlightenment, offering a sanctuary for healing, channeling, and profound spiritual connection.

Experience the Harmony of Sound Healing

The night will commence with the enchanting melodies of Georgiana, an adept sound healer whose mastery of crystal singing bowls is nothing short of magical. The serene sounds produced by these bowls are not just music to the ears but a deep vibrational therapy for the soul. As Georgiana plays, each note will weave through the space, creating a cradle of harmony and peace. This sacred symphony is designed to resonate with your innermost being, balancing chakras and synchronizing the energy fields that envelop us all. The result? A profound sense of relaxation and inner tranquility that paves the way for more profound healing.

Channeling Wisdom from Higher Realms

As the echoes of the crystal bowls gently fade, the evening will transition into a moment of divine connection. I will serve as a conduit for messages from the ascended masters, those enlightened beings who guide us from the higher planes of existence. This channeling session is a rare opportunity to gain insights and wisdom directly tailored to the collective’s needs present at the gathering. It’s a moment to receive guidance, find clarity, and understand the deeper aspects of our ascension journey. These channeled messages often bring forward profound healing, offering resolutions to our deepest queries and uncertainties.

A Community of Light and Love

What makes The Ascension Gathering truly special is the sense of community it fosters. This event is about individual enlightenment and coming together as a collective of like-minded souls. It’s a chance to connect, share experiences, and support one another in our journeys. In this space of unconditional love and acceptance, we can let go of outdated beliefs and patterns, opening our hearts to the transformative power of divine love and wisdom.

Transformative Power of Divine Guidance

The Ascension Gathering is more than an event; it’s a portal to higher consciousness. Participants are offered a unique transformation pathway through the combined forces of sound healing and channeling. This evening is an invitation to immerse yourself in the flow of universal energy, to be guided by the wisdom of ascended masters, and to experience the healing power of sound. It’s an opportunity to raise your vibration, align with your highest self, and take a significant step forward on your spiritual path.

Join Us in Love and Light

“Be The “Join us in love and light.” honored to host The Ascension Gathering, a night dedicated to healing, guidance, and spiritual ascension. Whether you are well-versed in the practices of sound healing and channeling or new to the realms of spiritual growth, this gathering promises an experience of profound beauty and transformation. Join us as we come together to celebrate love, light, and the endless possibilities that await us as we ascend to higher states of consciousness.

Embrace this opportunity to be part of a transformative experience that will uplift your spirit and connect you with a community of souls dedicated to the journey of enlightenment. Let us ascend together, guided by the light of wisdom and the harmonious embrace of healing sounds. Welcome to The Ascension Gathering – a beacon of light in the journey of spiritual awakening.