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Embrace the soul-stirring power of communal singing and rhythmic harmony at the upcoming Women’s Singing and Drumming Circle with Sheri Owen. This unique gathering invites women of all skill levels to explore their musical instincts through voice and percussion. Whether you are a seasoned singer or a first-time drummer, this event promises an uplifting and inclusive atmosphere where every participant can find their own rhythm and voice.

The Essence of Singing and Drumming Circles

Singing and drumming circles have a rich, global tradition, serving as a vibrant testament to the universal appeal of music as a communal activity. These gatherings are not just about music but about connection, healing, and celebrating the communal spirit. The circle format, where everyone is equal and visible, fosters a sense of unity and shared purpose that is deeply fulfilling.

Historical and Cultural Significance

The concept of a singing circle might seem modern, but it is deeply rooted in history. Across cultures, women have gathered to sing and make music, creating supportive spaces to share stories and strengthen community bonds. These circles have been instrumental in preserving cultural heritage and are a powerful medium for personal expression and social cohesion.

Personal Reflections from Sheri Owen

Sheri Owen, the circle facilitator, shares her inspiration from a sound yoga class where the profound lyrics of “The Rose” resonated with her, reminding her that singing is a universal gift, not reserved only for the “lucky and the strong.” Sheri emphasizes that “singing is basic. We all resonate. Our bodies are made to resonate,” underscoring the natural inclination of the human body and spirit to engage in song.

Event Details and What to Expect

The Women’s Singing and Drumming Circle is scheduled for Sunday, May 26, from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM at Be the Change. The participation fee is $15 per person, making it affordable for people to engage in a meaningful and enjoyable activity.

Learning and Performing “The Song”

Participants will be able to learn and perform a song previously recorded by women during Olivia Fern’s tour, released on International Women’s Day. This song will be the event’s centerpiece, embodying the collective voice and spirit of women from different backgrounds.

Drumming for Everyone

If singing isn’t your forte, drumming offers another expressive outlet. Drumming can be profoundly meditative and unifying, providing a rhythmic foundation that supports the singers and enhances the overall musical experience. Participants are encouraged to bring their drums, although the focus remains on inclusion, regardless of musical expertise.

Preparing for the Event

Participants are advised to RSVP in advance to ensure a comfortable and seamless experience. Upon RSVP, a YouTube link to the song will be provided, allowing attendees to familiarize themselves with the melody and lyrics beforehand.

What to Bring

  • A drum (if you have one): While optional, bringing your own drum can enhance your participation in the circle’s drumming aspect.
  • Comfort items for sitting: Since the event involves sitting on the floor, it is recommended that you bring a cushion or any other item for comfort.

Additional Activities: Soulful Sounds Sunday

Following the Women’s Singing and Drumming Circle, attendees can extend their day of musical enrichment by joining Soulful Sounds Sunday. This sound healing event runs for an hour and requires a separate RSVP.


The Women’s Singing and Drumming Circle with Sheri Owen is more than just a musical gathering; it is a celebration of women’s voices and rhythms, offering a space for healing, joy, and community bonding. Whether you want to find your voice, beat a drum, or enjoy being part of a collective musical endeavor, this event promises to be a rewarding experience. Join us to raise your voice and spirit in a powerful communal and musical unity affirmation.