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Space Rental

Welcome to our beautiful venue available for rental! Our 1100 sq/ft open space is thoughtfully designed to provide the perfect setting for group healings, classes, and workshops. With its serene ambiance and ample natural light, this space creates a soothing and rejuvenating atmosphere for all your needs.

Equipped with 12 zero gravity chairs and 10 folding chairs, our venue offers comfortable seating options to accommodate your guests. These zero gravity chairs are specially designed to promote relaxation and ensure maximum comfort during healing sessions or workshops. You can rest assured that you and your attendees will be able to fully immerse yourselves in the experience.

For presentations, classes, or workshops that require visual aids, we provide a Wi-Fi Bluetooth projector. This convenient feature allows you to easily connect your devices and display content on a large wall, enhancing the effectiveness of your sessions and ensuring everyone can clearly follow along. 


Whether you’re hosting a meditation workshop, a yoga class, or a healing session, nutrition class or day retreat, our venue offers a versatile and flexible space to suit your needs. The open layout provides ample room for movement and activities, while the serene ambiance creates a peaceful and inviting atmosphere for your participants. 

Renting our venue allows you to create the perfect environment for your events, where participants can truly immerse themselves in the experience. Additionally, we offer a complementary 30-minute setup and cleanup time before and after your rental period, giving you ample time to prepare and tidy up without any additional charges. 

Rates for renting our venue are as follows:

– 2 hours: $250
– 4 hours: $500
– 6 hours: $750
– Full day (8+ hours): $900 

We understand that each event may have different time requirements, and our flexible rates ensure that you can choose the option that best suits your needs. Whether you’re hosting a shorter workshop or an all-day event, our rates are designed to be affordable and provide you with great value. 

Take advantage of our beautifully designed, 1100 sq/ft open space and create a transformative experience for your participants. Rent our venue today and let your events leave a lasting impact on those who attend. Contact us to check availability and make a reservation. We look forward to hosting your next healing session, class, or workshop!

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