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In the heart of our bustling lives, finding a sanctuary for peace and rejuvenation is essential. “Be the Change—The Healing Collective” offers just that, a haven where the magic of sound healing transforms stress into serenity and turmoil into harmony. We are pleased to invite you to an evening like no other, a Serenity Sound Journey led by the renowned sound healer and musical singer Sheri Owen.

The Essence of Sound Healing

Sound healing is an ancient practice revered across cultures for its profound impact on well-being. It’s an auditory experience that uses vibrations to soothe the mind and body, fostering a deep state of relaxation. This event isn’t just an ordinary gathering; it’s a voyage into the depths of your consciousness, guided by the gentle, healing hands of sound.

Why Sheri Owen?

Sheri Owen stands out as a beacon of healing and tranquility. Her expertise in creating a symphony of sounds—from the ethereal Peter Hess singing bowls to the crystalline clarity of crystal bowls, from the gentle rustle of koshi chimes to the earthy whispers of the insula, and the resonant depths of the gong—makes her sessions uniquely immersive. Sheri’s therapeutic vocal tones and enchanting melodies are not just heard; they are felt, resonating within, touching the soul.

What to Expect

Imagine lying back, enveloped in the embrace of zero gravity chairs or nestled on soft yoga mats, blanketed in warmth, your eyes gently covered. As Sheri Owen begins her symphony of sounds, each note acts like a wave, washing over you, carrying away tension and inviting peace. The layers of harmonies and vibrations are not just auditory experiences; they are pathways to inner peace, avenues to release negative energy, and conduits to expand your consciousness.

This journey is more than sound; it’s a holistic experience designed to tap into your innate healing capabilities. It’s an opportunity to open your heart and mind to the transformative power of sound and to discover its profound impact on your well-being.

Who Should Attend?

This event beckons anyone and everyone—from the curious explorer of holistic wellness practices to the seasoned meditator seeking more profound tranquility. If you’re on a quest for inner peace, looking to shed the weight of negative energy, or simply in need of a serene escape from the mundane, this sound journey is for you.

Secure Your Spot

In the intimate setting of “Be the Change—The Healing Collective,” spaces are cherished and limited. Early reservation is encouraged to ensure this experience is accessible to all who seek it. Don’t let this chance to be part of a transformative and uplifting experience slip through your fingers.

An Evening to Remember

Join us for an evening where the mundane fades away, replaced by a tapestry of sounds that heal and harmonize. Bring along your openness to experience and anything that aids your comfort—be it a favorite blanket or a cherished pillow. Let yourself drift into a realm where serenity reigns supreme, guided by the enchanting soundscape crafted by Sheri Owen.

This event is not just an invitation to relax; it’s a call to transform, to align with the harmonious rhythms of the universe, and to rediscover the tranquil core at your being’s heart. “Be the Change—The Healing Collective” is more than a venue; it’s a community, a gathering of souls on a journey to wellness. We eagerly await your presence, ready to embark on this serene sound journey together.